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  1. Seema had to face a unique challenge when she bought a refrigerator at a great deal from a retailer. The delivery company did not want to deliver the appliance in her basement and wanted an extra amount. Seema thought what seemed to be a deal was not a deal after all, till she called Get Us 2 Move.

    Our experienced consultants assured Seema peace of mind by offering to deliver the huge refrigerator in her basement at a lower cost then the retail store would have delivered to her door, by offering the free use of one of their stair climbing appliance trucks.

    A pickup of the refrigerator was scheduled as per the shipping hours of the retailer and the appliance was delivered to Seema in her basement at a later time which was most convenient for her.The refrigerator was safely placed at the spot Seema needed it at, and Get Us 2 Move got another happy and loyal customer.

  2. Christina had a unique problem at hand. She paid thousands of dollars to a tree removal company to drop a 100 year old Ash tree in her back yard with limited access, in a house located on a very busy main road. The company dropped the tree but couldn’t remove it due to limited access and high cost.

    Get us 2 move offered a customized solution to Christina in a cost-effective manner.

    Get us 2 move used a low foot print heavy duty tractor equipped with a specialty log grapple to remove the tree in 5 parts using a truck and trailer. ( yes it was 5 loads as the tree was huge and 41 inches in diameter)

  3. A reputable star hotel located in downtown Toronto core near the CN tower in a very congested area had a unique situation for shipping out the dirty linen every day and shipping in the clean linen. The hotel is in the busiest area in Toronto and the only access for shipping is through a small back alley and there is no dock for shipping and receiving. The delivery is every day 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

    Apart from this shipping out 6 Bins of approx 500 lbs filled with linen seemed to be an issue too difficult to handle.Get Us 2 Move offered a customized solution to move in the clean linen and moving out the dirty linen using their 16 feet box trucks to be able to get into the back alley and assigning two experienced associates to load and unload at the ground level using specialty equipment.Get Us 2 Move is still doing this delivery every day on time resulting in one more happy customer.

  4. The best Bakery in Toronto wanted to move their freshly baked cakes safely and securely every morning before 6 am to their retail location everyday.Get Us 2 Move appointed 2 experienced associates to handle the delivery everyday who have experience and qualification to handle food and delicate baked goods. They make the delivery everyday in specialty cabinets which are tightly stowed in the truck so the cakes do not move or get damaged.This has resulted in another happy customer for Get Us 2 Move

  5. One of our corporate customers had to get 3 pallets picked up and delivered to his location in downtown Toronto of  fragile goods. The shipping location did not have a dock and neither did the receiving location have a dock.

    Get Us 2 Move assigned self loading pallet stacker with a truck to successfully pick up and deliver the goods safely and securely from ground level to ground level.

  6. A renowned personality in real estate industry wanted to get a shipping container picked up and placed adjoining a residential property in Etobicoke as he wanted to build an addition to the house in the shipping container. Not only was the spot behind the house but it was so tight that there was only 3 cm space on each side of the container once placed. Over and above that to get the container there one had to manoeuvre it over the house and under the overhang of the roof of the house.Get Us 2 Move assigned 2 expert associates to the job and used a specialty knuckle boom crane to place the container without any damage to the roof and precisely on the right spot and now it is serving as an addition to the current house located there.

  7. A client had a unique situation. He owned a forestry harvester. Its a high long and heavy machine with a forestry head to cut trees. The machine cannot be transported on a regular truck or float due to height and length. The machine was stuck in the forest and wouldn’t start due to a technical fault. The client wanted the machine to be transported to a shop for fixing it.Get Us 2 Move got a Crane with spreader bars to lift the machine on to a double drop float with over 25 feet long well and delivered it to the delivery address, where it was craned off from the float.

  8. A corporate customer from India wanted to export large slabs of granite to North America and market them locally and deliver to the end customer as and when they are sold. The client did not have any storage facility in North America and did not have any presence locally.

    Get Us 2 Move picked up the slabs in India and gave the client a turnkey solution. The slabs were stored at an outdoor storage facility, which is centrally located and everything from shipping, customs and insurance to the last mile delivery, to the end customer was handled by Get Us 2 Move on a turn key Basis. The client is happy and is going to work with Get Us 2 Move on an ongoing basis.

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